Salt & Soul Yoga Studio, Strandhill
October 5th & 6th


The Soulful Practice Retreat With International Teacher Sian Pascale

A Weekend Retreat exploring how pranayama, mantra and meditation can transform your yoga practice.

The Destination 


Strandhill is a bustling surf village located in Co. Sligo, along Ireland's stunning Wild Atlantic Way. Our spacious studio is located beside Sligo Airport in the village, and is less than a five minute drive to your accommodation and restaurants and cafes. 

The Retreat 

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The Soulful Practice Weekend with Special Guest Teacher Sian Pascale

October 5th & 6th

Saturday & Sunday 7.30am - 6.30pm

Investment : 235 Euros (Non-Residental) or 399 (2 nights Stay in 4 Star Strandhill Lodge & Suites with breakfast each morning)

Dive into the ancient yogic practices to uncover your vitality, demonstrate your potential for deep stillness, and discover how expansive and accessible the yogic practices really are.

The yogic tradition is one that extends far beyond teaching asana- it includes chanting mantra and energetic pranayama practices that lead the student into transcendent states of deep meditation. But for many students and teachers these paths remain a mystery.

Over the course of 2 days we will be unlocking and demystifying the practices of mantra, pranayama and meditation, through embodiment practices. Allowing you to understand these tools from experience so you can take them with you and create shifts in your daily life.

Who this is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in exploring the full practice of yoga

  • Yoga, meditation teachers, healers and facilitators

We welcome all levels, stages and ages to this practice.


How our days will look:

7:30-9:00am Morning Practice

We wake up together with a yoga class that combines all of the elements that we will learn throughout the day. Experience the Soulful Practice and each technique in a fluid and accessible way.

9:00-10am Breakfast

We will be providing you with a delicious and nourishing breakfast to power you throughout the morning. Held at Salt and Soul.

10-12 Mantra Practice

These sacred sounds have been the primary mode of transmission for the yogic tradition for thousands of years. Our ability to use mantra in a modern context allows us to continue the work of the ancient yogis and connect us to the deepest of levels of our own being

12-12:30 Tea Break

Tea and healthy treats provided at Salt and Soul

12:30-2:30 Pranayama

The practice and understanding of the breath and pranayama is a topic explored in many texts. This course aims to help you understand pranayama primarily as an energetic practice. An experience that you can feel.

2:30-4:30 Lunch

Head out and explore the local cafes with other students or feel free to spend time journalling, taking a walk along the beach and exploring the beauty of Sligo.

4:30-6:30 Meditation

Exploring not only profound meditation techniques, but also the energetics and intentions behind our practice.

7:00pm Dinner

We will gather together at a local restaurant- this is not included or mandatory but we encourage you all to join, debrief and have some fun together!

About Sian Pascale

YTT 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Trainer

Sian Pascale is an experienced Energetic, Breath, Meditation and Yoga teacher. Her teachings draw from Mother India where she lived and trained for several years, learning through the hatha, ashtanga and tantric lineages. She teachers privately and collectively, locally and internationally.

Her self practice and dedication to the yogic path has allowed her to merge ancient teachings into a modern language that everyone can access. She creates conscious experiences that reconnect her students to the rhythms and cycles of the natural world, in order to harness subtle vibration for deep shifts and expansive states of being.

About The Light Collective

The Light Collective was created in 2017 by Sian Pascale with a vision to teach the practices that have changed her life. The intention behind TLC was to demonstrate how yoga can transform, heal and empower through an understanding of the body's energy and how to use the yogic practices of pranayama, asana, chanting and meditation to create deep and lasting energetic shifts for all those who take part.

The Light Collective curates experiences that connect people with the rhythms of the natural world; the sun, the moon, the planets, the tides and the earth, so that they can experience their connectedness with all things. Their aim is to build a collective of conscious grounded loving vibrant humans to grow and collaborate and share these very special practices with.



‘Sian’s 3 day training ‘Creating a Soulful Practice’ was one of the most whole hearted and inspired trainings that I have taken in my many years of yoga teaching. Sian so eloquently weaves pranayama, mantra and meditation into her classes and gave us the tools to do the same. The training was a beautiful blend of experiencing the benefits of yoga, plenty of opportunity to practice teaching what we had learnt and finding our own authentic voices. I now feel confident and inspired to teach beyond asana. Thank you Sian for so generously sharing your knowledge and passion, you are a true goddess'

- Kathy

'What an incredible three days, I loved all the different modules, learning in depth, the different breathing techniques, mantra, kundalini, pranayama, the morning practise and of course the yoga nidra. Even though I’ve been a student of yours for 3 years, I was now able to see how it all comes together....and you facilitate it with such ease. It definitely was a profound week and have bonded with so many beautiful yogis along the way....thank you for always encouraging me and supporting my yogi journey....looks like I’ll be attending part 2 of the soulful practise'


'Sian is not only beautiful on the outside, but also and equally on the inside. What an amazing teacher with no judgment of any kind. No question was too silly or too much! Sian was so inclusive. We came away with a much greater knowledge on how to be good teachers from a place of felt awareness. Thank you Sian. You are such a beautiful free spirit'