Next up is the Tim Doran, a keen surfer and swimmer, who found yoga in 2009. Tim teaches Hatha Flow class at Salt & Soul on Monday evenings at 6.30pm. 


Tim Doran

Surfer, Swimmer, Yoga Teacher

1) Tell us about yourself and how you became a yoga teacher, what training you undertook and the type of yoga you now teach. 

 I love being in water, whether it’s surfing, swimming, bodysurfing or freediving and this led me to discovering yoga. Initially I thought it would be a tool to improve my flexibility and help my surfing a bit, but after the first few weeks of beginner classes with John Bell in Derry I thought that there is a lot more to this and away down the rabbit hole I went!

A few years later and I was considering doing a yoga teachers course to deepen my own practice and to learn more, but not with any real plans to teach. A quick google search found that a teachers course had just started in the north west, so I jumped on board from the second weekend and 12 months later had completed my 200hrs cert in hatha yoga. This covered anatomy, philosophy and breathwork but through the lens of yoga therapy and making sure students safety was (and still is) always a priority.

Since then I have attended workshops in Ireland and Bali and usually spend a few weeks every year immersing myself in all things yoga at Radiantly Alive in Ubud, Bali. My little yoga notebook comes back filled with ideas and practices; from yin to roll and release, from meditation to monkeys, and from transformational breath to ecstatic dance. Coming back re-energised and ready to embrace the winter is always a nice feeling.

I teach a flow class on Monday evenings from 6.30pm to 7.45pm which blends a combination of breathwork, movement and relaxation practices that have resonated with me. The classes also draw on other wider techniques from bodyweight fitness, freediving breathing exercises and any movement practice that I have found beneficial. The class is for all levels and every class is unique.

2) What do you enjoy most about life in Sligo? 

My girlfriend and I moved to Strandhill in early 2017 and since then it has been an ongoing adventure discovering new corners of the county. The waves are so varied and the backdrops are stunning; paddling out alone before dawn on a calm autumn morning and looking back to see the sun rise from behind Knocknarea, eating a pizza down the front with friends and a summer sunset, what’s not to like! Before the move I also was pretty ignorant to all of the forests, lakes and hidden gems that are sprinkled all over the place.

 Another huge thing I love about Sligo is the community, there is a massive web of friendly folk who are all surfing, swimming or doing their bit to make the place better. Tapping into this and adding to it has been really beneficial and rewarding.

3) What motivates you to teach yoga?  

Sharing what I have been taught with others was one of the reasons I decided to teach, but also to push myself and see what it is like to be sitting in front of a class. Public speaking has always been a love of mine and presenting in front of others comes easy, but to create a coherent and flowing class that lets people find their space is a nice challenge. My classes aren’t designed to make you feel anything, they are designed to make you feel. 

4) What brought you to Salt & Soul? 

Initially, it was because I live very close to the studio, but what’s brought me back since is the relaxed atmosphere and the freedom to teach a class the way that suits me. It is quite a small and intimate space and for both attending and teaching this creates a nice connection. For me it’s a bit like going to a gig in a small venue vs going to a big stadium to see a band, both have their own place but I’d pick the intimate gig most times.

 5) What is the most rewarding thing about teaching yoga for you?

Seeing someone achieve something they didn’t think was possible is always a nice moment, but always learning from every class and every posture is probably the most rewarding . I may be a teacher but I will always be a student, and it applies not only to yoga but to everything in life. Discovering how a little shift or movement can change how something feels is rewarding, it can be on the mat or on a board, then you look back and think how simple that was and the process continues.

Tim teaches Hatha Flow each Monday evening at 6.30pm. See our timetable to book www.saltandsoul.ie/timetable/