Ashtanga Vinyasa "A Journey through the Chakra's"


Wednesdays 7.30am and Saturdays 10am

There are many aspects of the physical Asana practice that can be analogised with the energy forces that support life itself. We take a look at our practice on the mat through the lens of each chakra as a means of exploring the physical self.

Week 1: Muladhara – Root Chakra

Connected with the colur red and the element of Earth. During this class we focus on drawing energy up through the roots of our foundations creating stability and correcting alignment so that we may develop ourselves further on and off the mat.

Week 2: Svadisthana – Sacral Chakra

Connected with the colour orange and the element of Water. During this class we focus on hip-openers and creating fluidity. Searching for sensation in the body, once we can feel it we can heal it.

Week 3: Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Connected witht he colour yellow and the element of Fire. This is the mischief and motivation centre. We focus on twisting and lighting a fire in the belly.

Week 4: Anahata – Heart Chakra

Connected with the colour green and the element of Air. During this class we focus on back bends and happy heart openers, engaging with the practice of creating space.

Week 5: Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

Connected with the colour blue and the element of Space. During this class we focus on the Ujai Breath and have a play with inversions. Bringing heat and light to the throat we set an intention to find and speak our truth.

Week 6: Ajna & Sahaswara – Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Connected with the colours indigo and violet and the elements of Consciousness and Mind. During this class we bring attention to 'Dristi', our focul point and bring together the teaching of all chakras in a dynamic vinyasa flow focusing on connection with self, others and all that is.

This class is suitable for beginners and advanced yogi's. Please see out timetable for booking. You can drop-in to this class at any stage throughout the course - Please remember to book your place to secure your mat. 


Salt & Soul Launch & Global Wellness Day

Opening of Salt & Soul: Saturday June 11th, 7.30pm

We are delighted to announce Salt & Soul will open its doors on Saturday June 11th. Come join us on Saturday from 7.30pm for a special opening ceremony to open the studio. Co-founder of Voya Kira Walton will say a few words to mark the occasion. Come join us at Salt & Soul, Unit 1, Airport Road, Strandhill.

Global Wellness Day

Saturday June 11th also marks Global Wellness Day, an initiative spearheaded locally by VOYA. Salt & Soul is delighted to be part of the celebrations with five free yoga classes taking place that day.

Global Wellness Day Timetable

  • 2pm - 2.45pm: Hatha Yoga by Saoirse O'Donoghue 

  • 3pm - 3.45pm: Kundalini by Emma Kennedy 

  • 4pm - 4.45pm: Aerial by Jayne Lynna

  • 5pm - 5.45pm: Vinyasa by Lauren Ray Hensey

  • 6pm - 6.45pm: Hatha by Rosaleen Jones

Please book  via our timetable . Limited space available, early booking is essential.


With over a decade of experience in the beauty, wellness and spa sector, Kira Walton the founder of luxury organic skin care brand VOYA, has been instrumental in every aspect of the business, from bootstrap start up and guided the business to its current position as pre-eminent global brand. Kira Walton’s experience is vast, though her true love is in design, packaging, product development and brand building. 

As co-founder of what started out as solely based in Ireland, has grown to become a major exporter of Irish beauty products and seaweed based treatments in 37 countries worldwide and with that all the challenges it brings. VOYA has won countless business and professional awards  and Kira was a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year, winner of Women Mean Business Female Entrepreneur of the year. A serial entrepreneur, Kira is involved in the creation of subsidiaries internationally and new brands, which will be brought to mark in the coming years.

Kira is proud to be the first Irish Global Wellness Day Ambassador and is actively promoting this day of Wellness to be celebrated nationally.