Corporate Wellness

The general well-being of your workforce naturally defines and underpins your ability to operate effectively as a company.

Yoga and mindfulness classes can help to refine the effectiveness of your workforce and create a strong platform for success.

Our classes and programs can be tailor-made and packaged to fit your company objectives and budget.

Your uniquely designed program will start developing the following benefits from the very first class:

·         Increased energy levels

·         Improved concentration

·         Reduced stress levels

·         Increased stress thresholds

·         Clearer perception and decision-making

·         Greater self confidence and emotional awareness

·         Refined creativity

·         Heightened sense of happiness and wellbeing

·         Rejuvenation of physical strength and flexibility

·         Improved cardiovascular health

·         Improved postural alignment

All of our teachers are trained to deliver our different classes and courses in an accessible and light-hearted style. We will design a seasonally appropriate course structure to suit your company goals along with the needs and physical abilities of your team.

Check out our basic program offering and speak to us about designing something specific to meet you company goals.


Basic Yoga & Mindfulness Courses

Yoga – 10 Week Season. 
Over a 10-week course we will develop the physical awareness and strength of the group and introduce the basic principles and benefits of yoga. In a season course we would cover the following:

·         What is yoga

·         Basic yoga sequences

·         Key alignment principles

·         Breathing techniques

Team Urban Retreat Day
Visit us at our studio for a unique team building experience. Half and full days can be designed to include the following:

·         Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga Classes & Mindfulness

·         Vegan Wholefood Lunch and Juice delivered to the studio after class

Half and full days can be created around company strategy sessions or can be fully devoted to yoga and mindfulness. For individuals or groups these days can be powerful aids to team development